Cheap Beauty Hair Extensions Review

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Tips To Get Soft Waves New Look

If you weren’t blessed with hair that air dries into flawless beach waves, then this soft waves tutorial is for you.  Summer is the perfect time to add texture and

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Why You Should Wear Tape-In Hair Extensions This Summer

What are you going to do for your summer hair?  If you already use hair extensions, you’ve experienced the amazing difference these luxurious extensions make to your appearance – and

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How To DIY Curl Hair

For these curls, only a one-inch curling barrel is used, showing that you don’t need to change barrels to get different types of curls. I love it all and always

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Reviewing The Hair Extension From Halo

When I first saw a halo hair clipl free hair extension system at a hair show I was not impressed. I was like, that is the silliest thing I have

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