3 Tips on Easy Hairstyles For Oily Hair

Casual Hairstyles

As unglamorous as the topic of greasy hair is… it is what it is. Everyone has to deal with oily hair,

whether if your hair gets oily quickly naturally, or if it’s just second or third day hair.

Because over-washing your hair could be really damaging to your hair, hairstyles for oily hair become really handy.

In today’s video, we’re showing you 3 easy hairstyles for greasy hair – even for the days you run out of dry shampoo.

Elanna used some wefts of her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to add some

thickness and layers to her hairstyles.

Parcel low hairstyle

What do you do when you have second or third day hair? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

Ponytail hairsyle

Casually hairstyles