The 5 Easiest Ways to Care for Your Hair Colour

how to care for your hair colour

Well! A new hair colour always looks so amazing, so if you want to keep that hair colour looking fresh for as long as possible? Okay, here’s my easiest way to care for your hair colour.

1. Treat your colour well

Coloured hair does need a little more care than normal hair. Change your shampoo and conditioner to a colour protect formula and add in a weekly hair treatment to nourish your hair as well.

2. But don’t wash as often

Every wash will still slightly fade your hair colour if you have a darker hair colour. That’s when I reach for dry shampoo to space out the time between washes and preserve the colour in my hair.

The foolproof guide to care for your hair colour

3. Refresh your colour

My absolute favourite products at the moment are these colour refresh mousses. Personally I use the blonde to remove any brassy or yellow tones from my hair and the brunette and red formulas are fantastic. They give your hair colour a lift and add in the perfect amount of shine. They boost your colour to keep it looking good for longer. The best bit is it only takes three minutes, so it’s my absolute favourite product. I can’t recommend this enough to everyone at the moment.

4. Drop the heat

Really high heat can actually fade your colour right before your eyes. It’s still okay to heat style your hair, but just drop the temperature a little to make sure you keep your colour looking its best.

5. Sunscreen for your hair

Your hair dryer may give off a lot of heat but that’s nothing on the sun. If you know you’re going to be outside for a long time, pop on a hat and even better, this new leave-in treatment has UV protection to keep your hair looking its best all summer long.

Sunscreen for your hair