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5 Ways To Make Extensions Last Longer

long wave brown hair

long wave brown hair

Hey! Pretty gals!  I would like to be here and  sharing with you 5 Tips I make my clip in hair extensions last over the course of a year. I’ve learned these tips from years of wearing extensions, so I hope they help you get the longest wear possible out of your extensions as well.


  1. Don’t Sleep in Your Extensions – Sleeping in your extensions is one of the fastest ways to rough up the ends in my opinion. If for some reason you need or want to sleep with them in, I suggest braiding them into two pigtails (a regular braid is the best) then instead of tying off the ends as normal, only pull through half way so that you have little mini “buns” at the ends. This will help the hair not to fray while you’re sleeping.
  2. Wash Sparingly  – I normally wash my extensions every few weeks. When you do wash them, it’s best to use a shampoo/conditioner that is made for extensions. Here is the perfect bundle to keep your extensions look shiny and fresh!
  3. Air Dry  – Using as less heat as possible is of course going to help the longevity of your hair! I wash mine at night, then let them air dry on a towel overnight and that way I never have to wait around for them to dry!
  4. Avoid Using Hairspray – Whenever I style my hair, I always try to spray hair spray only on my natural hair and keep it away from the extensions! Since most hairsprays/dry shampoo’s have alcohol’s in them, it’s best to keep them away since your extensions can’t replenish themselves like your natural hair can.
  5. Keep Extensions In A Safe Place – Rather than having your extensions tossed around in a drawer, keep them nice and brushed hanging straight in your Cashmere Hair Storage Bag that way when you go to retrieve them you’re not having to brush out unnecessary tangles.

Bonus Tip – Before taking out your extensions at the end of the day, give them a thorough brush (I like to use this one  for painless brushing!) If you get the tangles out before hand, this will eliminate the need to yank on or detangle your natural hair with the extensions.

I hope you found these tips useful and I know if you use these tips you’ll be surprised at how long your gorgeous extensions will last you! Thanks for reading!