7 Clever Ways to Use Hair Extensions

7 clever ways to use hair extensions

Remember the days when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera had stringy extensions that the media would always point out and criticize?  With better hair quality and technology, hair extensions have come a really long way in the past few years.

Now it’s acceptable to have “fake” hair, and it’s not only accessible for celebrities.

If you’re thinking about becoming a first-time hair extension but not sure how to use them, we’ve got the complete guide to hair extensions that will give you some tips.

7 Different Ways to Use Hair Extensions

#1 Add volume and length

These options are among the more obvious ways to use hair extensions.  However, when most people think of hair extensions they only think they are used to add length.  Hair extensions can be an easy way to add volume to thin, fine hair for those who can’t thicken their hair naturally.  The beauty of hair extensions is that you can take them out anytime, which is perfect for those who are scared of commitment.


Blond hair & Buff arms ?? & ??• @realheidipowell | @naturalbeadedrows_ hair extensions

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#2 Thicker braids

Braids have made a big comeback, and it seems they’re all over Instagram.  However, it seems most of these braids are long and thick, which can’t be achieved with your natural hair.  Adding in just one row of clip in hair extensions can give you a thick luscious braid for the day.  Then, you can just take them out at the end of the day!

{ don’t call it a dream • call it a plan } g’night ?⭐️☁️. #glambytoriebliss #btconeshot_braids16

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#3 Fix a bad haircut

From choppy, uneven layers to way more than an inch was cut off, sometimes we fall victim to “bad” haircuts.  Maybe your stylist was inexperienced, or you two just weren’t on the same page. Whichever the case, haircuts can be fixed with extensions.  


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#5 Temporary Bangs

Bangs have been trending on and off for the past few years, and most likely you’ve considered the cut.  Although there are certain bang types for face shapes, we’re sorry to say that bangs just don’t look good on everyone.  Now you can try bangs for yourself without having to cut your hair.  Clip-in bangs are the perfect way to change up your hairstyle without the commitment.

Flashback day on set…Bangs on bangs! #clipinbangs

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#6 Add highlights or pops of color

Unless you’re Kylie Jenner, most likely you don’t have the time or energy to constantly change your hair color.  Not to mention, how damaging depositing color or bleach can cause to your hair over time.  If you want a few peek-a-boo highlights without having to bleach your hair, extensions can add pops of color to your hair in 30 minutes or less.  

Spring is in the air, making it the perfect time for some fun pops of color … Georgeous @jamiemascari wearing a 3 box combination of @easihairpro #easihairpro #easilengths and customized #easicolors #seafoam #seafoamgreen #teal #tealhair #tapeinextensions #ehp #hairextensionmagazine #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #hairextensions #hairbrained #hairoftheday #haircolor #picoftheday #stylist #stylistssupportingstylists #theunicorntribe #authentichairarmy #licensedstylist #mermaidians #licensedtocreate @angiesuegilmore #sandiego @puresalonandspa #puresalonandspa #angiehairpro

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#7 Voluminous ponytail

Thanks to Ariana Grande, the high ponytail has become a staple hairstyle.  If you’re looking to rock a high ponytail for a special event, adding in some hair extensions for a more voluminous ponytail is the way to go!  


A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on Mar 30, 2016 at 8:31pm PDT