7 Crucial Tips You Ought to Know : If You Have Curly Hair

curl hairstyle

curl hairstyle


The key to realizing its full potential? Proper care, of course. Whether you have wavy, coily or kinky hair, we can all agree that curly hair needs a special kind of love. That’s why we’ve assembled seven tips to keep your curly hair bouncing, shimmering, and styling all season long.


1. Skip the hairdryer

For starters, one of the best tips for naturally curly hair is to skip the blowdryer. Instead, press your damp locks between your palms to squeeze out excess water before wrapping it a clean Tshirt or defrizzing hair cloth made just for curly hair. If you’re tempted to blowdry again in the future, be sure to slather on some heat protectant.

2. Don’t brush wet hair

Instead of a hairbrush, use your fingers to gently comb out each curl, but don’t fuss with it too much. If you’re prone to tangles, try prepping hair with an organic spray like Original Sprout Detangler Spray, which is so gentle, it is safe enough for babies!


3. Remember that not all curly hair behaves in the same way

That might be why that conditioner that your wavy-haired friend absolutely loves makes your kinky curls look like a staticky mess. Curly hair can be fine, coarse, or anything in between. Depending on your beauty routine, the weather where you live, and even the climate control settings at your office can affect what your hair needs to look and feel its best. Most curly hair responds best to sulfate-free hair products that are less likely to dry out tresses.


4. Even curly hair can lose volume

You’ve been blessed with gentle, soft curls? Lucky you! Despite their innocent- sounding name, however, we know those waves aren’t always a day at the beach. Loose curls can weigh down hair and make it look flat and lifeless. If your hair is finely textured, the waves may come across as dull and straggly. To restore volume and put the bounce back in your look, try Renee Furter Volumizing Foam. Then, a setting mist like Phillip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist will give your beach babe hair the final touch it needs, restoring your full-fledged mermaid status.


5. Tight, Z-shaped curls can easily frizz in any weather

You’ve got gravity-defying curls, so it’s time to show them off. Your BFF is a good styling cream that will allow each curl to separate and lift. In fact, the DevaCurl Kit for All CurlKindcontains everything your hair needs to look zippy and free, including shampoo, conditioner, styling cream and gel! Now, you have no excuse not to work it.

6. Curly hair is more likely to become dry and damaged than other hair types

We’ve all hit the hairdryer or straightening iron a little too hard once in a while. Heated styling tools can do more damage to curly hair that other hair types because it’s more prone to breakage. But don’t sweat it! Be sure to show your damaged tresses the tender love and care they need with a rejuvenating and nourishing hair mask. Indulge once a week to repair and revive those gorgeous curls for good.

7. Skip shampooing every single day

A dry shampoo can help soak up any oiliness at the scalp and your hair will actually look healthier (and super shiny). When it is time to wash again, perhaps 3x a week, try a gentle shampoo made just for you.