7 Easy Steps to Make The Kylie Jenner Inspired Ponytail

kylie jenner inspired ponytail

Looking for a hairstyle that can be worn in the daytime and the evening? We have the perfect tutorial for you – the Kylie Jenner inspired ponytail. This is super easy to achieve, and we’re going to show you how to achieve this hairstyle in a matter of minutes.


The Kylie Jenner Inspired Ponytail guide

Step 1

For this tutorial Mim used a few wefts from her Quad Weft Full Head Hair Extension Set for added length and volume to achieve that Kylie Jenner vibe. But, we’re going to clip them in a different way to achieve a high ponytail. So, firstly section your hair in line with the top of your ears and then take a 3 clip weft and clip this upside down below your ears/

Step 2

Now, take another 3 clip weft and clip these just above the weft you have just fitted to your tresses.

Step 3

Next, take a 2 clip weft and clip this just above (again) the wefts you have already attached.

Step 4

Now, moving on to the front of your hair. Section your hair around 2” from the front of your hairline and clip another 2 clip weft so this lays flat on your head.

Step 5

You then need to gather all of your together and start to shape your ponytail. A really quick and easy way to do this is to tip your head upside down and gather all of your hair together (going as high possible).

Step 6

Before securing in place use your tail comb and a little hairspray to create a super sleek finish, then secure your ponytail in place using a hair tie.

Step 7

Finally take a small section of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrap this around the base for a salon worthy finish.