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7 mistakes you're making as a client

As a client sometimes we have just as much responsibility as a stylist to influence the outcome of our hair. However, often we forget our manners and show up twenty minutes late without letting the front desk know.

Here are seven mistakes you’re making as a client and how to improve. We promise your hair will thank you.

7 Mistakes You’re Making As A Client

#1 Booking your appointments last minute

You should always book your appointments in advance to make sure you get the date/time you need, and ensure that your stylist has enough time blocked off to complete your service. Stylists hate nothing more than receiving a text that says something like, “can you fit me in this Saturday at 2 pm for a color and highlight?” Not only is last minute booking inconvenient, but the appointment will feel rushed, and you will not receive the full experience.

#2 Forgetting to tip your stylist and assistant

Tipping for a service is common courtesy that should be applied to any salon service. The industry standard is around 15-20%, however tip based upon the satisfaction of your service. A stylist may not expect a tip if you are unhappy with your hair. However, it is your job as a client to speak up during your appointment. Also, you know that assistant who spent 20 minutes shampooing your hair? Don’t forget to tip them too! Tip your stylist and the assistant separately to ensure the tips are divided how you want them.

#3 Not bringing in a picture for a better visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to hair. Bringing in a picture of your desired haircut or color will help you and your stylist get on the same page about your expectations, especially when you are going to a new stylist.

However, it’s important for you to have realistic expectations as well, as your hair may not look exactly like the picture when it’s all said and done. But if anything, it will look closer than if you didn’t have a picture.

#4 Not speaking up if you’re unhappy with the service

If you’re unhappy with your hair, whether it’s during or after your appointment, you need to speak up. Obviously the earlier, the better, but don’t wait until you get home. This way your stylist can immediately assess what they need to change. Never leave the salon unhappy.

#5 Showing up late to an appointment

Sometimes life gets in the way, and you can’t avoid arriving late, but try your best always to be on time or even early to your hair appointments. Always call the salon when you know you are going to be late to give them a heads up. Some salons have a late policy and may even cancel your appointment after 15 minutes. Also, if your stylist is booked back to back, then that means your service is cut short, and you may be leaving the salon with wet hair.

#6 Not asking for styling or product recommendations

Have you ever gone to an appointment and thought to yourself, my hair is never going to look like this when I try to style it myself? Then ask questions during your appointment and your stylist will show you step-by-step how to use the correct products. Also, this will give you a chance to purchase the right products to make your life easier.

#7 Texting during the appointment

If your stylist isn’t the type to have a conversation during your appointment, then this rule may not apply. However, give the conversation a chance before you dive head first into Instagram. Not only is it rude, but your head must be upright, especially during a haircut.