8 Ways to Get More Male Clients

8 Ways to Get More Male Clients

More and more men are making visits to the salon to keep their hair in check. Adding men’s services is a great way fill in gaps between appointments and consistently maintain a booked schedule. Here are eight simple ways to get more male clients into your chair.

8 Ways to Get More Male Clients

#1 More Men’s Retail

If you’re only carrying retail products geared towards women, then you’re making a huge mistake. Adding only a few male retail products to your shelves is a simple way to boost your retail ticket. Make sure the products appeal to men and have features like simple packaging and “non-girly” fragrances.


#2 “Men’s Only” Services

Offering services for only men like shaving are a great way to get more male clients onto your appointment book and compete with neighboring salons. Make sure to use tools like Facebook to advertise your expertise in men’s services.


#3 Referral Program

Take the time to ask your female clients if they have a dad, boyfriend, brother, cousin, or friend that they would like to refer. Give an incentive such as 5% off their next service for every referral they make.


#4 Men’s Promotions

Outside of promotions that are that are for both men and women offer promotions specifically for only men. Free beer with a haircut or 10% off men’s retail products is just two ideas of ways you can create promotions just for men. Again, social media is an easy way to advertise your promotions to men in your area.


#5 Special Events

Hold special events like a poker night for men and encourage them to bring a male friend or family member. Offer discounts on services and products as an incentive.


#6 “Men’s Only” Area

Salons and spas are known to be a sanctuary for women to relax and unwind. However, this may cause men to feel intimidated even to walk through the door. Having a “men’s only” area free of relaxing music and fragrances can seem more inviting.


#7 Watch Your Language

Although men may be self-conscious about their biggest hair insecurities, sometimes they are not as expressive as women to admit them. Take the time to show them products that can help as a way to address their flaws but not point them out directly.


#8 Partner With Local Shops

Find the nearest shops that attract male customers, like cigar shops or bars and ask to advertise your business. You can offer the employees a discount as a way to fairly trade.