9 Habits Your Hairstylist Hates

9 Habits Your Hairstylist Hates

Hair Stylists are always there for you when you need them most.  From squeezing you in on a busy Saturday to listening to your relationship problems, they’re basically like your best friend.  We always return the favor by having perfect hair etiquette, right?  Most likely not.

Here are nine habits that your hairstylist hates that you might not have even known.  Habits are hard to break, but if you put in the effort, your stylist will be forever grateful.

9 Habits your Hairstylist Hates

#1 Using box dye

Visiting your hairstylist is similar to going to the doctor.  Sometimes we lie about certain things to make ourselves look better (ex: only two drinks per week).  When it comes to the honesty policy with your hairstylist, lying will only hurt you in the end, or in this case your hair.  Using permanent box dye will affect the way your stylist applies color, as well as might give you a different result than you had hoped for.

#2 Unfaithful to your stylist

Switching stylists every once and awhile is acceptable, as long you’re doing it for the right reasons.  However, going back and forth between stylists will make it hard to keep your hair on a consistent routine.  When you are faithful to your stylist, they will have a history of your hair and a familiarity that will provide better results.

#3 Incorrectly using products

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again.  Only apply conditioner from the mid-ends to avoid greasy roots or slipping hair extensions.  Incorrectly using products at home will only create more problems and possibly more visits to your stylist.

#4 Not doing weekly treatments

We all love the way our hair feels when we leave the salon, so let’s not limit soft, silky hair to just salon appointments.  Keeping up with weekly treatments like a deep conditioning mask will ensure your hair is healthier and more manageable for your stylist.

#5 Skipping haircuts

Not skipping haircuts is a no-brainer.  Regular trims will take away those pesky split ends as well as allow your hair to grow faster.

#6 Trend follower

Following trends like dying your hair “granny gray”  can be extremely damaging if you’re always trying to keep up!  When it comes to trends, make sure that it’s one that suits your hair and style to avoid having to change it back.  If you’re addicted to changing your hair color, try adding in color tape in extensions for a non-permanent way to experiment!

#7 Unrealistic expectations

We recommend bringing in a picture to your stylist with your desired cut and color.  However, keep in mind that your hair may not look exactly like the picture.  If you have used black box dye for years and now want to go caramel brown, chances are your hair will not look the way you want it to after one session.

#8 Dirty hair

We have definitely been guilty of going to a salon appointment with dirty hair.  For some reason, going to the gym and getting your hair done after go hand in hand.  If you are going to a new stylist, you want to have clean, tangle-free hair.  You don’t need to wash your hair right before your appointment, but make sure it’s not so oily your stylist doesn’t want to touch it.  Having greasy hair may throw off the stylist and your hair color or cut.

#9 Rude

Rudeness is a trait that shouldn’t ever be exuded in any situation.  Not only will it create tension between you and your stylist, but a lack of communication may affect the outcome of your hair.  If you are unhappy with your hair, just be honest, and your stylist will help find a resolution!