Best Office Ladies Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

layered hair styles

Well! we would like to share a few best office ladies hairstyles for medium length hair of 2017, which are easy to manage sans the effort. Okay, now let’s check out!

Best Office Ladies Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair


1. If you have straight hair, you could opt for feather cuts or an edge scissor cut to define the jawline and the cheeks.The bangs can be clipped if need be, and the hairstyle wouldn’t be much of a pain to manage all day long; hence making it one of the easiest hairstyles for medium hair.

feather cuts

2. Do you have thick and coarse hair, or have you recently smoothened the curls out and made the hair straight? Here is a style that defines the face cut and the shape, without hampering your overall personality. Perfect for the corporate look, and your boss would be super impressed too.

face cut and the shape

3. For women with round face shapes or the heart shapes too, layered hair styles video tutorial  would be the best option to choose. This is because the face gets a natural contouring done, especially around the cheeks and the jawline. Make this hairdo your fashion tag this season, and watch how the compliments pour in.

layered hair styles

4. Cut your hair if you must, but not more than the shoulder tip. When the hair is cut in layers and spread, you now can style it with back brushing effects, allowing the sides to fall naturally. Such hair styles wouldn’t take more than a minute and would also last all day long too.

shoulder tip

5. For women with diamond shaped faces and with curls or waves, you could play along with the twirls to define a certain look you want for the day. Friday dressing empowered with the right hairstyle in soft curls.

 soft curls

6. Try shags and puffs for the Friday dressing at work, with a messy touch from the crown to the tip of the hair strands. One of the chicest ways to make a fashion statement and to enhance your cheekbones too, you cannot go wrong with these simple office hairstyles for women.

Office Appropriate Hairstyles

7. Soft waves falling till the shoulder would be apt for women who have to commute long to work. No nonsense and no fuss, the waves stay in place and need a slight brush before you hit the workstation, making it a must-have or must-try hairstyles for working ladies with medium hair.

Soft waves falling till the shoulder

8. A simple middle partitioning of wavy hair with a blow dried effect can last all day long. Try spending two minutes with a reputed styling product, and partition your hair from the middle till the end on either sides. The hairdo would be an amazing vintage touch for Monday meetings to swoon the clients with.

 simple middle partitioning of wavy hair with a blow dried effect

9. Attending an office party and don’t know how to style your hair right with the short blunt hair you have? Here’s a trick. Place your hair in sections at the back, and use rollers to secure them. You don’t need heat at all for the styling. Wait for ten minutes and then gently remove the curlers. Brush and doll up!

updos for shoulder length hair

10. Don’t want to wear updos for shoulder length hair, try going messy and wavy with an updo that doubles up as a fox pixie!

messy and wavy with an updo