Easy Elegant Hairstyles for Prom

Double Waterfall Braids with Loosely Curled Ends

Prom is one of the most important days of your entire life- and certainly one to remember. So, here are some elegant hairstyles ideas for prom for you! Check them out, below.


1. Chain Braid Chignon

Chain Braid Chignon

Consider this vintage-inspired homecoming hairstyle! We all know how popular chignons are when it comes to fancy occasions, but you can shake it up a bit by throwing in a quirky chain braid for added uniqueness and dimension. Don’t forget to leave a curled strand loose around the face for that renaissance-innocence we all know and love.

2. Rolled Half Updo with Curls

Rolled Half Updo with Curls

Make your half updo stand out from the crowd with a look like this one! A simple roll of the hair around the nape of the neck gives this look some delightful fullness, setting apart the straight top pieces from the luxuriously curled lower half.

3. Retro Pinned Back Ringlets

Retro Pinned Back Ringlets

Ladies in the 1950s certainly new how to rock the Red Carpet, didn’t they? Well those retro hairstyle still ooze with elegance in 2016, and we’re in love with this charming style. It’s sophisticated, precise, and undeniably posh. For short haired girls, don’t be afraid to coil those tresses up into some polished ringlets. Douse it in hairspray and pin your bangs back to showcase your facial features.

4. Waterfall Braid with Loose Curls

Waterfall Braid with Loose Curls

The sweet, innocent beauty of this hairstyle is overwhelming; in a good way, of course. A waterfall braid presents a bit of mysterious beauty while accenting loose curls create a design that’s bouncing with elegance. Great choice for medium-length hair cuts.

5. Curly, Voluminous Low Bun

Curly, Voluminous Low Bun

Buns are typically the go-to style when you’re short on time and need something quick and easy, but they can easily be amplified and enhanced to accompany you to the fanciest of occasions. Take this voluminous low bun for example- plenty of romantic, precise curls and loads of texturizing brings this low bun to a glamorous ending with tons of elegant body. Leave a few strands loose around the face to soften the style further.

6. Double Waterfall Braids with Loosely Curled Ends

Double Waterfall Braids with Loosely Curled Ends

Long locks are the perfect pallet for forming stunning, loose curls that capture utmost sensuality. But to make these loose curls stand out even further, try out some double waterfalls braid which provide not only depth, but an extra dose of femininity as well.

7. Fishtail Low Bun with Curls

Fishtail Low Bun with Curls

Turn your fishtail braid from an everyday school day style to a stunning masterpiece with this lovely hairstyle for prom. The fishtail wraps around from the top of the face to the back of the crown, leading to a texturized low bun that’s loaded with volume and bounce. A few subtle ringlets add to the femininity of this incredibly tantalizing prom hairstyle.


8. Fancy Faux Hawk: Bun Updos

Bun Updos

Faux Hawks don’t have to be reserved for punk rock concerts! Try this elegant twist on the edgy faux hawk to turn heads at prom night.


9. Curly Half Updo

Curly Half Updo

Simplicity sometimes is key when it comes to sophistication, as clearly shown in this polished number. Her curls are left untouched to pronunicate the rings, while a lovely braid around the middle of the crown provides a feminine take on the typical half Updo.