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Easy Hairstyles That Any Gals Can Do

easy hairstyle every girl can do

easy hairstyles any girl can do

Are the cold, wintery mornings making you want to stay in bed an extra 10 minutes longer? Ugh, we know the struggle – which is why we’ve created a guide on easy hairstyles any girl can do. So, you can make sure your hair is on point even if you think that you ‘can’t really do hair’ and you have 5 minutes to style out your tresses thanks to that extra snooze…

Here we share an simple, easy hairstyles that literally take a few minutes to do whilst still looking on trend. We mean, why wouldn’t we!? The topknot hairstyle is probably one of the easiest hairstyles to create, it requires little effort yet it still looks oh so chic and on trend – day or night. All you need to do to create the topknot is gather your hair up as though you are styling it into a ponytail, twist your hair around the base of your ponytail, secure in place with a hair tie and some bobby pins – and there you have it! Your top knot is done. We know, sooo easy – right!?

 topknots hairstyle

Now, if you want a more boho chic kinda hairstyle – you knooooow it’s going to be a braided hairstyle. We absolutely love how versatile braided hairstyles are – they look amazing worn in the day and for a night out, too. You can simply pull all of your hair over to the side and create a standard 3 strand braid for a super cute and effortless hairstyle. To soften up the look, gently pull out pieces to frame your face which will leave you with a super cute boho vibe hairstyle. Want a hairstyle that looks more intricate? Then why not try out a fishtail braid? It’s easier than it looks to achieve, just check out this tutorial and see how.

 braidgoals hairstyle

Finally, if you want to keep your hair down and show off how amazing your Milk + Blush hair extensions look (If you haven’t got some yet – surely someone will give you them for a Christmas gift if you ask nicely?! ) then styling your hair super sleek and chic is the perfect hairstyle. Perfectly straight hair is adorned by the celebs and we love how you can wear it different ways, too. Take inspo from Kendall Jenner and slick your straight hair back or do a Gigi Hadid and give yourself a super deep side parting.

 super straight hairstyle

This hairstyle is oh so quick to achieve, too. Get!