Get the Look: Sideswept Dutch Braid | Hair Extension Magazine

Looking for the perfect date night hairstyle?   Want to try out a new look this spring? Need to brush up on your braiding skills?  Whatever the case may be, we found our favorite look this month from blogger, Missy Sue, and we break it down step-by-step to make it easy to replicate!

Watch the video below to see exactly how its done!

Get the Look: Sideswept Dutch Braid

Things you need:

  • ¼” Curling Iron
  • Brush
  • Bobbi pins

 Tips on how to get the look

  • After making a deep side part, when you continue the part down the back of your head, check to make sure the part is off-center and in line with your part on the top of the head
  • When securing your braid, criss cross two bobbi pins at the end of the braid to help stabilize the braid
  • After creating the braid and applying hairspray, gently brush the crown and right section of hair to smooth fly aways

Step-by-step instructions:

#1 Curl hair in large sections

#2 Create deep side part and continue part down the back of head

#3 Clip right side section  of hair out of the way

#4 On left side, grab a small, triangular section of hair

#5 Split into 3 smaller sections

#6 Create a Dutch braid and continually pull in small sections until the Dutch braid meets the nape of your neck

#7 After passing the nape, finish with a standard braid and secure the end with two bobbi pins

#8 Unclip hair on right side then use hairspray to smooth hair on both sides

#9 Sweep hair over right shoulder and wrap braid around right side of head, pinning at the crown with bobbi pins

For more help creating this look,  watch Missy Sue’s video!