Tips To Get Soft Waves New Look

If you weren’t blessed with hair that air dries into flawless beach waves, then this soft waves tutorial is for you.  Summer is the perfect time to add texture and body to your hair.  All you need is a few tools and products and you’re good to go!

Get the Look: Soft Waves

soft waves

Tips on how to get the look:

  • Using the recommended or similar products will help the style last longer
  • Style with small (1”-2”) sections
  • Have a fluid wrist when you are curling to avoid dents in your hair

Things you need:

  • Styling lotion
  • Volumizing and root lifting spray
  • Mousse
  • Blowdryer
  • Clip
  • Flatiron
  • Hairspray
  • Texturizing spray
  • Shine spray (optional)

Step-by-step instructions:

#1 Start with hair 70% dried.

#2 Apply styling lotion from the mid-ends of your hair.

#3 Apply a volumizing and root lifting spray around the hairline for added volume around the face.

#4 Use a golf ball size amount of mousse throughout your hair, avoiding the roots.

#5 Dry the rest of your hair with your hands.

#6 Clip up the top of your hair, leaving only the small section at the bottom.

#7 Spray hairspray onto the middle of the section, avoiding the root and ends.

#8 Use a flat iron to style 1” sections of hair, alternating between curling downward and upward to create a soft wave.

#9 Straighten the end of the hair.

#10 Repeat until you reach the front of your hair.

#11 For the last section closest to your face, use a curling iron vertically to curl away from your face.

#12  Apply a texturizing spray throughout to break up the waves.

#13 Use a curling iron to add more waves, if necessary.

#14 Pull down on the curls to loosen the waves.

#15 Apply a shine spray for added shine.