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Hair Extension Technology: Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extension

Feather hair extensions? Really? I have to admit I thought they were a pretty lame idea when I first heard about them. I have seen all kinds of silly things people try and pass off as hair extensions. Swarvoski crystals, tinsel strands, and even hair from a yaks chin. UGH!

Feather hair extension
They just never seemed to really compliment the person wearing them. I always thought they looked like they were trying too hard.

Thankfully, I am okay to with admitting when I am wrong. When I saw my friend at New York Fashion Week with, yes, feather hair extensions, I was like, thats kinda cool. It looked natural, smooth and sexy. Not fake and weird like I thought. I had pictured a big ol’ bird feather obtrusively swinging outta some girls hair.

Worse yet, I thought they would be thick and have that weird feather bone thingy where all the feathers attach too. You know that part if you bend the feather it doesn’t bend back properly.

I kept thinking:

Feather hair extension

  • What about shampooing?
  • Will the flat iron burn it?
  • Will they smell funny? It’s a bird feather for gods sake!!

They are a lot like your own hair. Its a small strand of rooster tail. It’s weird that it acts so much like human hair. You can shampoo, condition, blow dry, curl and even flat iron these feathers. Plus they are so small and delicate they will not over power your style. Oh, and no weird stinky smell.

I am of the belief that a little goes a long way, however, if you want to let your indian princess out you can buy several strands to accomplish this with no problem.

Details about the feathers we use:

Each feather extension is  individually hand picked and pre-bonded together using a double bonding technique that prolongs use and maintainability. No heat or glue is used and each “locket” or one extension comes with 5 feathers.

Each rooster feather is individually unique and come in a variety of different lengths. Feathers will range from 8 – 12inches long. If feathers are to long for your hair they can easily be trimmed to suit your hair length.

The installation process takes only minutes with no damage to the hair. No heat is used in this process instead copper micro-links are used to clamp each locket into the hair. Lockets can be washed, brushed, blow dried, straightened, curled (low heat) and will last 1-4 months depending on care and can easily last 6 months or longer. All you have to do is pop into the salon to have it moved up every 6-8 weeks.

You are probably wondering how much feather extensions cost?

They start at $25 installed and go up to over $50 depending upon current demand.

I cannot stress that you get what you pay for. These feathers will last and not damage your hair. They don’t look cheesy and won’t bleed or melt into your hair. Anything less is probably synthetic or just won’t last as long.