Hair Extensions Top Solution for Women Concerned about Hair Loss

female hair loss

Hair loss is one of the fastest-growing concerns of women today. Fifty percent of women age 40+ suffer from fine, thinning hair, and 79% report that their hair loss affects their happiness. There are a plethora of issues that cause hair loss including stress, genetics, and environmental factors, and many women today are experiencing hair loss at even earlier stages of life. Regardless of the cause of hair loss, there are a variety of solutions to help women who are suffering from hair loss. The problem is that many women do not know their options or how to ask for help!

Unfortunately, because female hair loss has typically been a taboo subject, many women do not know who to talk to about their concerns.  They should bring these issues straight to the salon, but some clients could be nervous to bring it up.  That’s why stylists must always inquire about thinning hair and hair loss concerns in every consultation!  Although the conversation should be approached delicately, it is crucial for stylists to take the first step in talking about the subject in order to provide the best possible solution to the client.

Prescribing a volumizing shampoo or styling product will likely provide little or temporary relief for many clients experiencing thinning hair. Hair extensions, on the other hand, will provide an instant and slightly more permanent solution.   Whether clip-in extensions or tape-in extensions are used, stylists can customize the level of volume that each individual client desires. Unlike some types of hair pieces, applying hair extensions does not require cutting the hair, nor is it necessary to shave any areas of the head.

Although some women may need a more intensive solution for their hair loss, applying hair extensions is an easy way to help the majority of your clients get the added volume and custom look desired.