Reviewing The Wigs From Jon Renau

I’ve found it harder since taking on Jon Renau as my main brand of wigs. I had heard of Jon Renau and always thought they were out of my price range and there was nowhere local to me to try them so when I started my business this year I knew I had to have this brand!I have been wearing wigs on and off throughout my hair loss years. My very first wig when I was 11 was hideous!! I am so glad that over the years wigs have improved so much and are an absolute joy to wear! I love changing my look every day, although sometimes I just can’t decide who I’m going to be….blonde bombshell or fiery redhead, long, short, straight or curly!!! I’m so glad I did as they are second to none and everyone, myself included, are pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced they are for the exceptional quality that I know and love.

My advice to a new wig wearer would be to try lots of wigs on in different styles and colors. Have fun with it, use this as an opportunity to have that style or color you have always wanted, reinvent yourself, and hold your head high with pride at how fabulous you look every day!!When I got my first wigs last year I went in to the shop and said I wanted long and dark brown and I walked out of there with a light blonde short bob!!

The first time I put a Jon Renau on my head I was in love! It felt like I was wearing silk, I could barely tell I was wearing anything and the Smartlace is fantastic and so realistic which means you can do so much more with them especially with the HD range. I love the huge range of styles and colors that Jon Renau has to offer. They are fashionable which is great for the younger wearer who I feel may be put off from wearing a wig due to the stigma that is attached to them. The quality of synthetic is exceptional and the thickness of the hair is perfect as with other brands I have worn there has always been too much hair on them.

If something looks too good to be true then it usually is! Also stick to reputable companies as there are many websites offering ‘branded’ wigs when in fact they are copies made with cheap fibers that look nothing like the style you fell in love with. Find a company that truly cares and that wants to help bring out the best in you to make the transition to wig wearing an easy one.