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Reviewing The Hair Extension From Halo

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When I first saw a halo hair clipl free hair extension system at a hair show I was not impressed. I was like, that is the silliest thing I have ever seen. Who would want that?

The halo hair extension concept is so easy to use it almost seems too good to be true. When I saw Kelly Ripa take her hair out on her show I knew I needed to revisit what halo hair extensions and see what the fuss was all about. Once I took a closer look I was in love!

Flash forward about 3 years and I am singing a completely different tune. I made a huge mistake and overlooked probably one of the best innovations in hair extensions since tape in hair extensions.

What is a Halo Hair Extension?

Now let’s get down to business. What is a halo hair extension? It is a wefted base of hair that has a monofilament wire attached to it. Doesn’t seem to impressive, does it? Let’s take a closer look…

I don’t think anyone fully understands the magic of a halo hair extension until they try one on. Just like the name suggests you place the hair piece onto your head in a “halo” formation. Once you get it where you want it you simply scoop out your own hair to cover the wire and the base of the halo.

The wire is completely adjustable. I think that this is important because one size fits all is never a good idea. Everyone’s head is a little different. Being able to adjust it makes it more comfortable and helps the halo extension blend in better with your own hair.

Halo hair extension can be worn anytime you want without fear of damaging your hair. I am in love with this new hair extension option. I have two salons that specialize in hair extensions – we sell lots of halo hair extensions in Dallas.

This is when the magic starts to happen. The monofilament wire is made to sit on the top of your head. You can part your hair anywhere you want. The wire is clear so it is virtually invisible. It literally takes 2 minutes to put a halo hair extension on.

Another huge benefit is that the halo extension system is completely damage free. So are clip in hair extensions, right? Well.. that is a tricky question. The truth of the matter is that clip in hair extensions were not designed to be worn everyday. Clip in hair extensions were designed to be worn a couple times a week or for a special occasion.

Many people don’t know that wearing clip in hair extensions for extended periods can seriously damage your hair. The clips being applied and taken out repeatedly can cause breakage. In addition, the weight and tension of the clip in hair extensions can cause traction alopecia. What is that? Bald spots in the areas where the clips were attached to your hair. YIKES!

If you have ever worn clip in hair extensions then you will understand how awesome this is. It takes a little bit of skill to be able to navigate clip in hair extensions. I want to do a little test and show a clip in hair extension application next to a halo application. The halo hair extension would blow it out of the water.


Don’t get me wrong, I am still in love with clip in hair extensions. There are still many reasons these are still a great hair extension system. They just aren’t for everyone.

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