How ‘Fun in the Sun’ Affects Your Hair

With spring just a couple weeks away, we’ll soon be trading our scarves for bikinis.  We all know the importance of using sunscreen to protect our skin from sunburns and aging, but what about our hair.

Hair requires just as much attention and protection.  Otherwise, you’ll be left with dry, frizzy, unhealthy hair.  Take a look at the tips below on ways to protect your hair from chlorine, salt water, and sun.

Chlorine & Salt Water

Before you jump in

Chlorine and salt water can wreak havoc on your hair.  If you’re a blonde, you most likely have experienced the dreaded “green hair” after taking a dip in the pool.  However, there are simple ways to protect your hair.

Before you jump in the pool or ocean, wet your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner.  Use a comb to make sure the product is distributed evenly.  When hair is dry, it is more porous and is more likely to absorb the chlorine.  Using a leave-in conditioner will act as an added barrier and keep your hair hydrated and tangle-free.  You can also use coconut oil if you prefer a natural option.

If you have hair extensions, this step is especially important.  Put your hair in two braids and secure with non-damaging elastics.  Braids will protect your hair from becoming tangled and matted from the waves or swimming.

After you get out

Immediately after you get out of the pool, comb and wash your hair.  This will get rid of any bacteria or chemicals that otherwise would just sit in your hair.  You can use your regular shampoo or even opt for a clarifying shampoo for a deeper clean.

Apply any oils or conditioners at the ends to replenish any moisture that has been lost.


Sun Damage

Sun is a major culprit for fading your hair color.  We know it’s not cheap to get your hair done, so you will want to protect your hair color for as long as possible.  If you plan on going to the beach or pool, wear a hat to protect your roots.  You can also opt for a head scarf or even put your hair in a messy bun if hats aren’t your thing.

Don’t let your hair get in the way of your fun in the sun.  Follow these tips and take the extra time to protect your hair and you will have long-lasting color and hydrated strands!
Below is an infographic from Health Perch, which highlights how chlorine affects your hair.


How Chlorine Affects Your Hair