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Whether using human or synthetic hair, the most important thing to know after getting hair extensions is how to care for them.  If hair extensions are not properly cared for, there is risk of damaging not only the extensions, but even your own natural hair.  The more love and attention given to your new extensions, the longer they will last.  So protect your investment and follow these instructions to ensure that your mane stays healthy, shiny, and strong!

You’ll need to develop a regular routine of brushing, washing, and conditioning. Pick a high quality brush with soft bristles. Brush often to avoid tangling and keep the hair shiny, but be gentle with the hair and refrain from pulling on the extensions.  It’s SUPER important to select hair care products that contain only natural ingredients without sulfates or parabens.  Also avoid products with chemicals such as alcohol, which will dry out the hair.

Haircare by Hotheads


The Perfect Hair Care Line for Extensions

Hotheads has developed a line of products specifically designed for hair extensions. The Haircare line is a daily use system made with pure ingredients to lengthen the life of your extensions.  There is no oil, alcohol, sulfates or ethanol contained in the products. Hotheads’ Haircare line will keep the hair nourished without weakening the adhesive if using tape-in extensions.

CLEAN Shampoo  Although extensions usually do not become as oily and dirty as real hair, washing the extensions is still an important step of the care routine.  Prior to shampooing, detangle the hair with a brush.  Using Hotheads’ CLEAN shampoo, gently lather at the root before working down the hair.  Don’t forget to rinse!

SMOOTH Conditioner  Next use the SMOOTH conditioner in order to moisturize and protect the hair.  You’ll want to apply this towards the ends as opposed to the root.  Conditioning will leave the hair stronger and more manageable, and since the line is made specifically for extensions, will not cause slipping!

Once you have shampooed, conditioned, and detangled, let the hair air dry.  If you need to hit it with a blow dryer, do so at a low heat.  Also be sure that the hair is thoroughly dried before bedtime!

Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner is crucial to the lifespan of hair extensions.  Make sure to do your research and find out exactly what is in your current products before using on extensions.  Be patient and take a little extra time on your care routine.  Trust us, it’s worth it!


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