Klix #1 Top Rated Brand {Best Hair Extension Brands}


When it comes to looking for hair extensions to offer your clients or even try on yourself, how can you be sure you’re getting a quality product?  We’ve made the process easier for you by ranking the top 10 best hair extension brands by hair quality, education, color selection, length selection, reusability, application time, and price.  

With their luxury handmade products, Klix has earned the spot as #1 top rated hair extension brand.

Why Klix is the #1 Best Hair Extension Brand

Klix is a top choice among stylists for the quick application and removal, without the use of heat, glue or tape.  Stylists can choose from single, duo, trio and ombre colors to find a perfect match for their client.  Many hair extension companies only offer single and duo colors, so the variety of colors that Klix offers allows clients to add hair without having to chemically damage their hair with color.  Klix is a ‘permanent’ system that is reusable and can be worn for 4 to 6 months with proper care and maintenance.  Klix is confident in the quality of their hair, so they guarantee the hair for four months.  However, the hair often lasts for many months after.   Not to mention, as stated in their reviews they have exceptional customer service.

How did Klix get started?

Klix is a method invented by two Michigan hair stylists who were dissatisfied with the products available on the market and wanted to offer their clients an exceptional product that was fast and easy to apply, non-damaging, easy to wear, and moveable.

Since 2010, Klix has been awarded two patents from the U.S. Government Patent Office for their distinct ingenuity and originality of their products.  Klix uses the convenience of a weft and micro-links that seamlessly attach to the wearer’s hair.  Klix is a leader in the industry for creating a new category for hair extensions.  Due to their patent, other companies can’t legally copy or even come close to the exceptional products they offer.

Where can I find Klix?

To strengthen their brand image Klix is not available online, nor from beauty supply stores or distributors.  Klix hair extensions must be applied by a Klix certified salon professional.  

Please contact Klix directly to find a stylist near you, or to learn more about how to get started as a stylist!  You can read more reviews about Klix Hair Extensions here.

What do stylists have to say about Klix?

“I’ve been using Klix in my salon (with great success) for over five years now.  It’s a time-saving and economical solution that I can confidently recommend for 90% of my clients who love the simplicity in application and maintenance.  Their sales and customer service team is outstanding.  I highly recommend Klix – as a stylist and as a client.” – Lindsay Mills-Steffe

Klix Before and After

Klix Before and After 2