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Looking back Top 5 Halloween Costumes & Hairstyles 2016

mix-color hairstyle

Have a nice day on Halloween? Yep, just enjoy below 5 Halloween costumes & hairstyles in 2016 although the festival had passed.It’s only a few short days away. For those of you still scrambling to complete your costume, let us help with these 5 easy last minute Halloween costumes and hairstyles.


1. Harley Quinn/Joker

Harley Quinn’s character has been all the rage this year. Who doesn’t want to let their inner bad girl out once a year? The great thing about this sassy super villain? She has crazy cool hair that is super fun and surprisingly easy to recreate.

mix-color hairstyle
We recommend to check out Missy Sue’s Harley Quinn Halloween Tutorial – it’s spot on! She clips bright blue and red single-clip wefts in to her pigtails to achieve that classic Harley Quinn look, which we believe is a great alternative to spraying temporary hair dye to your natural locks as it can be damaging to your hair and a pain to wash out.

Fun fact: Our Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions can be dyed vibrant colors which can be the perfect compliment to any Halloween look. Check out some of our customers who have dyed their Ash Blonde Luxies bright colors here, here, and here.



The classic princess costume – it never fails! It’s the perfect last minute go-to costume because you can likely pull your entire outfit from your existing wardrobe. All you need is an old prom dress, some high heels, and of course, the perfect hairstyle to go with it. Whether you’re interested in being a Disney princess or just looking for an excuse to add flowers to your hair, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these beautiful hairstyles that we believe will compliment any princess costume.

In this tutorial, Mimi is wearing her Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions to add thickness and length to help create those long and dreamy princess curls.

cinderella hairstyle


The Bow Braid with Flowers

Zane is wearing her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions in this tutorial.


3. Woodland Creature

Who was obsessed with the Disney movie Bambi as a kid? We definitely were. We found this super cute, quick, and easy Woodland Creature Halloween Tutorial by Beauty Guru LeighannSays that can help your Bambi dreams come to life.

4. Greek Goddess

The Greek Goddess costume is a great last minute outfit because it’s so low-maintenance, yet looks absolutely gorgeous! Got a flowy maxi dress? You’re halfway there. Complete your look with an olive tree crown which we show you how to create in the following tutorial.

 Mimi is wearing her Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair Extensions to achieve long Greek Goddess hair.

long Greek Goddess hair

5. Tinker Bell

We absolutely adore this cute Tinker Bell look created by Elanna Pecherle because it lets you rock faux bangs for the night, if you didn’t already have them before. This look is super easy and can be incorporated in to a bunch of different costumes. With this costume, you’ll be the centre of attention and have everyone believing in magic by the end of the night.