Super Chic Snow Day Hairstyles Tutorial

snow day hairstyles

Yeah, the snow can be a little harsh on our tresses, but just don’t worry we’ll make sure that you are ready to enjoy the snow with our guide of snow day hairstyles. Now that winter is in full force, snow may be upon us super soon to send us into that full blown Christmas spirit.

The quickest and most convenient snow day hairstyle is definitely – buns if you’re a big kid at heart and in a rush to go out and enjoy the snow! Throwing your hair up and into a bun allows you to keep control of all of your tresses in one swoop, giving you a super on trend hairstyle in a matter of minutes! Plus it keeps it out of the way to and you can always wear a fluffy headband for some extra warmth. But, if you see your hair as a kind of little blanket like some of us do but still want to rock a bun, why not copy Ariana Grande and wear your hair half up half down with a bun/topknot? This hairstyle is super chic and oh so easy to achieve.  Well, let’s go!


If you can’t part with your beloved hair blanket but you want to wear your hair down, the best option is to keep your tresses super effortless. We love, love, looove super subtle boho waves that are left to do their thing or you can eteam it with a super cute beanie hat for some much needed warmth. Whatever you decide, we’re sure this hairstyle will be a winner on a snowy, wintery day.


Last but not least, we’re of course throwing some braids into the mix. Braiding your hair on a snowy day will keep your hair in place whilst keeping it out of the way, too. Milkmaid braids or a simple three strand braid pulled over to one side look oh so effortless and super chic, all at the same time. Not only that, these hairstyles are sooo quick to create plus you’ll be left with mermaid-like waves when you take your braids out, too! It’s a win, win situation – right?!