Super Cute Ways to Curl Your Bob

Tight Curls and Centre Parting

Well! Bob hairstyles are incredibly on trend lately. Whether you’re currently rocking short hair or are looking to change up your current style and opt for a chop. Though it’s typical to wear your bob hairstyle straight, adding lots of curls to your amazing hair will absolutely transform your style. Adding curls to a bob brings body, bounce and a stunning silhouette. So, here’s 8 super cute curly bob hairstyles for you! Check it out, below.


1. Purple and Silver Curly Bob

Purple and Silver Curly Bob

Purple and silver are two colours which blend together perfectly – especially in this bob! Dye your hair a stunning steel shade of silver. Add metallic purple highlights throughout. Get a graduated bob cut, with longer layers towards the front of the face graduating to shorter layers at the back. Using straighteners or curlers, curl the hair from top to bottom for a gorgeous, bouncy finish.


2. Brown and Pink Bob with Curled Ends

 Brown and Pink Bob with Curled Ends

To create a stunning curly bob you need not curl your hair from top to bottom! As this gorgeous brown and pink bob proves, sometimes less is more. Start by dying your hair a deep shade of chocolate brown and adding lots of lovely hot pink highlights throughout. Opt for a bob which falls around the jaw level. Loosely curl the ends of the hair to add lift to the locks and show off the colours at work.


3. Curly Blue Bob Hair Cuts

Curly Blue Bob Hair Cuts
Curls can accentuate a brightly coloured bob like no other hairstyle. Choose your favourite bright shade to dye your hair. We absolutely adore this electric blue colour as pictured above! Crop your hair into a beautiful bob which falls around jaw length. Add lots of layers throughout towards the top of the head. Curl from top to bottom to create this incredible and voluminous end result.


4. Swept Back and Curled Balayage Bob Hair Style

Swept Back and Curled Balayage Bob Hair Style
Balayage is a stunning hair transition which blends two colours together seamlessly. It looks every bit as beautiful on short hair as it does on long hair – so let’s steal this style! Start by chopping your hair into a cute bob which falls around the ear length. Opt for a side parting so that you get a long fringe. Choose a balayage blend of dark to light brown. Sweep the hair back and curl to finish.


5. Tight Curls and Centre Parting

Tight Curls and Centre Parting

Loose curls are great when it comes to curling your bob hairstyle, but sometimes tight curls are even better! Recreate this look with ease by opting for a cute bob. This will finish a few inches above shoulder length. Part your hair in the centre. Work lots of lovely, tight curls throughout the style from top to bottom. Run your fingers through the curls for a super trendy tousled effect which is oh so swoon-worthy!


6. Messy Curly Bob Haircut

Messy Curly Bob Haircut

Messy curls are our favourite type of curls. As much as gorgeous ringlets look beautiful, there’s something incredibly sexy about a messy and unfinished hairstyle – perfect for a rock chick vibe! With your bob, add lots of pretty blonde highlights throughout for a sun-kissed effect. Curl the bob from top to bottom, and use your fingers to scrunch and add a little mess to the curls.


7. Tousled Blonde Wedged Bob

Tousled Blonde Wedged Bob

Wedged bobs are those that have lots of short layers towards the back of the head, creating a stunning curved effect. Steal this style by opting for a curved bob at your next hair appointment. Ensure the hair is slightly longer towards the front of the face and kept shorter at the back. Add lots of curls to the ends of the hair, and sweep forward to create a cool, windswept vibe.


8. Wedged Lob with Ringlets

Wedged Lob with Ringlets
Another wedged bob to add to the collection – but this one totally different from the last! Again, choose a style with longer sections of hair towards the front of the face and shorter layers at the back of the head. Add two shades of stunning blonde as highlights throughout the hair. Work tight ringlets throughout the layers and use hairspray to add some wonderful volume to the back of the head.