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Tips On How To Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

White Short Hair Extensions

Have your ever wanted to get how to naturally grow long hair overnight? We do too… but until we find that magical answer, clip in hair extensions are still the easiest and best way to transform your hair from short to long in literally minutes.

Blending clip in hair extensions with short hair and making them look natural in your hair can seem a little tricky, but by following the tips and tricks we will share with you, your extensions will look so natural, no one will even be able to tell you’re wearing them.

You can know much from this video that includes how to clip, trim and layer hair extensions. She also shares some really helpful tips on how to blend hair extensions with short hair in general. Milana toned and layered her 220g Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions:


Why You Should Consider Cutting, Trimming and Layering Your Hair Extensions


Layers is the most important element of blending hair extensions that really well with short hair. You may feel like it’s a ‘waste’ to cut inches off your set, but believe us when we tell you every inch is worth it. If you add long extensions to your short hair without layering them, they might look unnatural and obvious in your hair. Trimming and layering your set to your haircut will make a world of a difference, and nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing hair extensions.

Rememeber that hair extensions don’t grow back, so if you don’t feel comfortable cutting your own set or don’t know how to layer hair, it’s best to trim your clip in extensions by a professional. We recommend taking your set to a hairstylist who has previous experience in working with extensions and having them do it for you. You can also number the wefts after the cut to remember where each one needs to be clipped in for future uses.



How to Pick The Right Color of Hair Extensions


As obvious as this one may seem – the shade of your extensions needs to match your hair color. Right now with the ombre and balayage trend going on, some ladies are taking advantage of it in order to grow our their roots (hey, whatever works!) and as a result, their hair has several different tones and shades. If this is the case with your hair, you can either:

  • Get hair extensions which match the ends of your hair or choose an Ombre set
  • Color your hair into one solid shade to match the hair extensions shade that you like, or
  • Get hair extensions which match the lightest portion of your hair colour and have a professional hair colourist dye the rest darker to match your hair ideally like you can see in this video.

If you’re not sure what your ideal match would be, Luxy Hair offers a free color matching service. All you have to do is snap a quick photo of your hair in natural light and send it over to – our customer service team will be more than happy to help you! You can also watch this video on how to select your perfect hair extensions shade.
How to blend in luxy hair extensions with short hair

White Short Hair Extensions

Why Thickness Of Hair Extensions Matters


Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the extensions you are going to get. If your hair is short and thick, you will most likely need a thick set of hair extensions in order for them to blend in more naturally, especially if you have a blunt haircut. That thickness of the set will ensure that the transition between the ends of your hair and the extensions is smooth and seamless. Having a set that isn’t thick enough will make the extensions look very obvious in your short hair (and nobody wants that).


Curling Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Although extensions can still look great when straight, creating natural waves or curls will help the extensions blend in and look more natural in your hair. Here we have a great selection of tutorials on different techniques of curling your hair and extensions. So, there you have it – our best tips on how to get that natural looking long hair you’ve aways dreamed of.