Top 3 The Best Hairstyles for Your Workout of 2017

workout hairstyle

Have you made it your new year’s resolution to hit the gym and get fit? We’re all for fitness, but remember there’s no need to sacrifice your style (duh!) just opt for one of these workout hairstyles so that you’re hair is out of the way but you look oh so chic, all at the same time…

If your new fitness routine includes some outdoor hiking or walking up some ah-mazing mountains, we think braids are the hairstyle to go for. The milkmaid braid is perfect for keeping long hair away from your face but doesn’t run the risk of getting in the way as you trek, too. Well! Let’s have a look at and takeaway below top 3 the best hairstyles for workout of 2017.


Next up, the top knot or loose knotted bun. This hairstyle is ideal for sweating it out in the gym, ya’know when you really need to go in on your fitness. Keep your cool by getting every spec of hair off the back of your neck and forehead, especially if you have bangs – sweaty bangs are a definite no-no and go tackle that workout.


Last but not least, if you’ve decided to get yourself healthy in 2017 by jogging, high ponytails are the hairstyle you gotta’ for for. All you need to do is throw your hair into a  high messy ponytail as you exercise. This hairstyle is perfect for giving your hair a bit of texture which is ideal if you need to make a quick dash to the shop post workout.