Tutorial of Bouncy Ponytail Hack

ponytail hairstyle

Well! Achieving a bouncy ponytail with extensions can be tricky, so today I’m showing you my favorite hack for a fool proof voluminous ponytail! You’ll need a couple bobby pins, two hair ties, and a comb or brush. This trick will leave you with a gorgeous bouncy ponytail every time! I’m wearing my custom, 24″ extensions for added length in this ponytail. Although, any length of extensions will do for this hairstyle.

bouncy ponytail tutorial


Step 1: Start with curled hair. Back comb the crown portion of your hair for added volume.

Step 2: Pull the top half of you hair into a ponytail, secure with a hair tie. Pull out any pieces desired to frame your face.

Step 3: Pull the remainder of hair up into the ponytail, securing with another elastic on top of the first one. 

Step 4: For a finishing touch, take a piece from the underneath of the pony, wrap it around the elastic and secure with bobby pins. 

Tip: You can do this style with straight hair; however, I like to do it with curls for the extra volume and texture it gives.