Should I Wash Hair With Hot Or Cold Water ?

Washing Hair With Cold Water Benefits

To extreme temperatures and keeping the climes in check can do more harm than good to our hair, We’ve to find out the answer to which is the best way to wash hair and fast.  Beauty and science are interrelated no doubt, and today we shall look at how to manage our hair with the best hair wash using either cold water or hot water. Let’s take a look at what research has to say on the best way to wash hair.

When You Wash With Cold Water

Quite often and during the harsh Indian summer months, we tend to immerse ourselves in cold water for comfort and relief. There are studies that show washing hair with cold water benefits the hair, and here are some examples.

1. Washing hair with cold water makes your hair shiny and less frizzy. This is because the hair cuticles are closed and the hair is saved with the cold water. You only need your hair cuticles to open when shampooing and conditioning of the hair happens, not otherwise. In other times, you would need the cuticles of the hair to be sealed so that no damages happen to the hair. You may use cold water for the final hair wash, which brings a shine and sheen to the hair and keeps the hair healthy for a longer time.


Washing Hair With Cold Water Benefits

2. Cold water is known to keep the scalp clean and healthy, sans the build-up too. The pores are shut and less vulnerable as well. When you rinse your hair with the help of cold water, you in turn protect the pores on the scalp and get rid of grease, oil, dirt and grime. This helps in acting as sealants to the hair cuticles and thereby less hair fall, hair shedding and hair loss happens.

Washing Hair With Hot Water Benefits

3. Cold water hair wash helps improve circulation on the scalp, since blood cells move faster when cold water comes in contact. This movement thus ensures that the cold water helps warm up the capillaries of the hair and also to provide plenty of nutrition to the hair follicles too which helps the hair stay healthy and nice. In turn, you wouldn’t have to bother about hair loss and hair fall as well.

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What Happens When We Wash With Hot Water?

Winter months are when we use hot water to clean our hair and scalp, but sometimes what proves as comfort can be harmful for the hair too. However, there are washing hair with hot water benefits and disadvantages to be bothered about-

1. With extreme hot water, the hair can break easily and the hair texture takes a beating too. hair gets very resilient and when you brush your hair right after the shower in hot water, your hair breaks away without fail. Now you know why we say never brush if the hair is wet, especially after a warm shower?

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2. Hot water can damage the hair roots on serious counts, and cause multiple hair problems, since it weakens the hair roots. A week hair root is an invitation to hair loss and baldness if left unchecked. Hot water makes the hair curl and also frizzes up the hair too, and can lead to premature graying of the hair as well- enough said!

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3. Talking about the positives of hot hair washes, we would look at hot water opening the hair cuticles, cleansing the scalp and conditioning the hair too. No more greasy buildup in the hair for sure, hot water in small amounts can help- NOT VERY HOT WATER though!

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