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Checking out reviews before trying a new product or service have become a necessity thanks to sites like Yelp and Amazon. But what about hair extensions?  There hasn’t been a single source where you could read hair extension reviews before committing to a service with your trusted stylist; until now.

Hair Extension Magazine features the Top 10 Best Hair Extension Brands on the market, with honest and real reviews from clients and stylists around the world.

Why You Need to Read Hair Extension Reviews!

Here are four reasons you need to read hair extension reviews before committing to any brand:

Discover Credible Brands

We only feature the top 10 best hair extension brands for a reason.  We have filtered out all of the junk for you to make the selection process even more straightforward.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hair extension brands who claim to offer the best product.  The hair extension brands on our site have proved themselves in the industry among stylists, clients, and industry professionals.

Although we have ranked the best hair extension brands, each brand has something to offer.


Compare Hair Quality

If you have taken the time to research hair extensions, you have most likely come across the term “Remy human hair.”  A common misconception is that if a company has the term Remy on their packaging that the hair is high-quality. However, Remy just describes the way that hair is collected during manufacturing.

An important term to look out for is “cuticle intact” which means that the cuticle has not been removed during processing.  The cuticle ensures that the hair remains smooth and shiny.

However, some companies throw around these terms as a way to market their products to look better than they are.  Reviews will help you figure out which companies are offering top-notch products and which ones are a bust!


Lifestyle Adjustment

Hair extensions are a quick to achieve long, luscious hair.  However, thicker, long hair means more maintenance.  If you are a low-maintenance type of girl that likes to roll out of bed and throw your hair into a top knot, then hair extensions may not be for you.

Although hair extensions do require some extra TLC, the benefits far outweigh the cons.  However, check out what clients just like you are saying about hair extensions to see if one fits your lifestyle better than another.


Quality Control

Not all hair extensions are perfect.  Just like any beauty product out on the market, you may encounter defective hair that tangles or sheds.

If you are a client, it’s important to find out from your stylist before your appointment how these types of situations are handled.  Stylists always ask the return policy before placing any orders with your distributor.

Have you used any of the top 10 brands?  Leave a hair extension review and share your opinion with the rest of the HEM community.